A Glass Industry Leader, 24 Hour Thermal Glass Insulation Ltd. is a progressive growing glass-manufacturing company.

24 Hour Thermal Glass Insulation Ltd., is a company of vision. Through wise and aggressive use of resources and knowledge acquired over its 25 year history, our company has achieved the ability to serve its customers thoroughly and efficiently. Our president’s experience in the glass industry, for over 30 years, helped to built his company on the foundation of customer satisfaction, quality and service, and continuously updating its current technological resources and production lines (machinery) in order to efficiently service its customers.

It has a very unique organizational and cultural structure. All employees are encouraged to adapt to the company’s main goal: Customer Satisfaction. This philosophy of keeping in touch with customers has lead to success “we are always available to listen to our customers, since we are fully committed to them”. Company strongly believes in developing trust and establishing value.


Customer Satisfaction is the key to our continued success, as 24 Hour keeps committed to its customers, striving for quality, consistency and a competitive price. Customers expect the best and don’t settle for less. Therefore, key ongoing goals stand on excellent service and quality service as we believe that “you get what you pay for”.


5 years warranty to our immediate customers [more]


We proudly stamp all of our spacers with our name and date of manufacturing which makes it easy reference for clarification of manufacturer, replacement units or matching units on a particular project