Insulating Glass Manufacturers Alliance IGMAC, the Insulating Glass Manufacturers Association of Canada, was formed in 1968 to establish high standards of professional conduct in the design, manufacture, application, installation and maintenance of hermetically sealed insulating glass units.

The IGMAC Certification Program recognizes the need for regular and impartial product testing, maintenance of quality control in the manufacturing process and identification of products that conform to these criteria. The minimum standard of performance required for participation in the Certification Program is the highest level of the National Standard of Canada CAN/CGSB 12.8, latest issue.

The Certification Program is sponsored and administered by the Insulating Glass Manufacturers Alliance (IGMA) who contract with an independent agency to perform audit services.

All manufacturers of insulating glass units produced and/or sold in Canada are invited and encouraged to participate in the IGMAC Certification Program. Participation in the Certification Program is a prerequisite for manufacturing membership in IGMAC however non-members are invited to participate in the program as well.

IGMA Certification Program CGSB 12.8 Standard

24 Hour Thermal Glass Insulation Ltd. is currently certified by the IGMA (Insulating Glass Manufacturers Alliance) under the IGMAC CGSB 12.8 Standard Certification Program for its product line.